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The Man Behind the Blog.

My name is Eric Miller.  I'm an adventure seeking, story telling, people lover who is passionate about living out a story that proclaims the gospel and glory of Jesus Christ.

Growing up in the flat farmland of northern Indiana, I never would have dreamed of the places God would take me, the things that He would teach me, or the incredible people I would meet.  Yet somehow, through the providence of God, my life has been full of:
  • Family that loved the Lord, loved each other, and provided an example of Godly living in my life.  (This might sound lame but I've seen enough broken families to know that I was blessed more than I deserve.)
  • Friends: whether filling an entire hall with 4,200 water filled Dixie Cups or simply filling a friends truck bed with Krispy Creme donuts, they taught me how to create my own adventure in the midst of the mundane.
  • Sports, sports, and more sports!  Teaching me the value of persevering when everybody else gives up and quits.
  • Bible Memory Camp:  camper, counselor, activities director, brotherhood, and the domination of the team cheer.  But most importantly, I saw what it truly means to have a community that desires to see the power of God at work in their lives.
  • World traveling including stops in Ecuador, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Canada, as well as extended stays in both Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.  Included active volcanoes, colonial cities, Mayan ruins, paragliding, and enough skyscrapers in Hong Kong to house my hometown of Goshen over 400 times.  
A year and a half after graduating from Bethel College with a degree in accounting, I moved from the farmland of Indiana to the mountains of the Dominican Republic to work as the director of Microfinance for Students International.  I've seen the hand of God as he has given me a new tongue to speak with and woven together my passions for student ministry, cross-cultural ministry as well as business and finance.

While I reflect on the grand story of my life, I can truly say that God has blessed me abundantly.  And why wouldn't I say that?  After all, isn't my life simply a short story in the grand narrative that God is telling.  His story is perfect and the ending is good!  Yet I do realize that within that grand narrative, our short stories are filled with happiness and grief, triumphs and failures, obstacles to overcome and lots and lots of hard work.  This blog is here to tell those types of stories as well, not only from my own life but from the life of the Microfinance Site, our associates, and any person I may come in contact with.  I hope that the stories I tell would not simply be inspiring in themselves but that through each one of them, you would see the bigger story as well, the grand narrative, the story of lasting hope, unending love, and incredible redemption.  I hope you would see the story of our Creator.

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