Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Couple Thousand Words from the Microfinance Site

Thanks to Audrey Williams, a student from Taylor University who spent two weeks with the Microfinance Site, we finally have some good pictures of the Microfinance Site.  Hope you enjoy them and they give you a glimpse of what life is like here!

A time of worship at our annual Mother's Day Celebration.

Playing team games in order to decide which women get to buy first
at the mini flea market we had.


Putting the puzzle pieces together as fast as they can!
A random home from Los Higos, one of the many communities
the MF site is working in.

Jesse, one of our students, and I flexing after peeling
a whole bunch of yucca at Lero's business.
Lero's husband peels yucca,
a root vegetable similar to a potato.
Ramon, Lero's son, filters some grated yucca
to get out the large chunks.

Lero grills the peeled, grated, dried, and filtered yucca into a bread/cracker called casabe.  She goes to town every morning and sells her product by simply walking door to door.
MiBanco El Tesoro

Explaining to Judy, one of our bank coordinators, some important information
about our new receipt system.

Miriam and I with Ramona at her small restaurant.
One of our associates granddaughters.
Washing the pigs at one of our associate's businesses.  

I think this sums our working relationship quite well! :)

Not even going to try and explain!


  1. Looks like you guys are still managing to have a little fun! I didn't see any pictures of butchering chickens....our group must have been the last one "privileged" enough to have that experience. I still want my daughter to get a look at how MF works and maybe even experience it 1st hand! Blessings to you and Miriam! Keep up the good work!

    Dawn Christner

  2. Now that I am back and awake, Eric, I want to thank you for the immersion into the local communities. I am deeply impressed with what God is doing through you and Miriam. I hope that I can explain to my friends here what God is doing in the lives of the men & women touched by the Micro Finance ministry. Keep in touch and share your needs. (And maybe a want now and then.)

  3. Dawn, we are still having some fun at the Microfinance Site and we are still butchering chickens! I dont think there is anything quite like that experience. Tell your daughter to come down on an outreach and I would love to host her in the site!

    Bob, thanks for the encouragement that last couple of weeks. It was blessing as well having you in the site and the way that you partnered in the gospel with both Miriam and me. The site has lots of needs so I hope you are serious about that as I will definitely send some of them your way. :)